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    1. Work with trustworthy real estate agent

    Work with registered Real Estate Negotiators - request for their REN number and you may verify online at
    Nowadays owner's group chats are very common - you may also check with fellow owners if they have engaged this agent before, and if they have feedback to share with you.
    We always prefer to work with area specialists - these agents know your project inside out, they are very familiar with the layouts, facilities, and the pros and cons of different blocks and views, sometimes they even know the management company team members better than you!

    2. Do an inventory check & change faulty item

    Always do an inspection after tenant moved out - replace and repair faulty items so that your next tenant would be able to enjoy their stay 
    And if you find any thing missing or damaged, communicate with the outgoing tenant - show them the photos and request to deduct the replacement or repair costs from their security deposit.
    Check the utility bills too to ensure that the outstanding amount is to be deducted from the utility deposit before you refund the balance amount to the outgoing tenant.

    3. Determine how much rent to charge

    Rental may go up or down - make sure you do a quick reality check online (via portals such as or and offline - speak to several agents to gauge the market before you decide on an asking price.

    4. Protect your rights with proper tenancy agreement - and make sure it’s stamped

    If you're a serial investor with multiple rental properties, it would be worthwhile to engage a lawyer to help draft a template tenancy agreement that you could use for all your properties - agents do have their templates from agencies but sometimes they may not have the best and updated terms.
    You can still engage the agents to help with getting the signing and stamping done - and compensate them for the effort.

    5. Protect your property with landlord insurance

    Several insurance companies have started launching Landlord Insurance to protect landlords against house content losses/damages, as well as rental loss when tenants run away - this product is fairly new in Malaysia but it's a very common product in matured property markets such as Australia.
    Currently Allianz and Zurich offer these policies and you may find out more from these links:

    6. Know your rights and work through proper means for eviction - if unfortunately you need to do so

    Please do not take matters into your own hand and take drastic actions such as cutting the water and electricity supply, or lock the property - these are illegal!
    If you're facing issue to remove a non-paying tenant - first make sure you have all the documents in hand (stamped tenancy agreement and IC/passport copy of the tenant). Start by sending written reminders (letter or messages) to the tenant.

    Next, you may file a police report and make sure a copy of the report is delivered to the property, so that the tenant is aware that a police report has been filed. If all the above doesn't work, engage a lawyer to issue a Notice of Demand and if all fails, get a court order for eviction.


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