1. What types of properties does Property Butler manage?

    We specialises in residential properties rental management – our focus is long term tenancies, whether it’s whole unit or room rental.

    2. What services does Property Butler provide?

    We assist property investors to do key collection and defect inspection for new properties, rental conditioning (making the property liveable through basic, partial or full furnishing), maintenance and refurbishment, and rental management.

    3. What should I do after I collected the keys for my investment property?

    Please make sure that you complete the defect inspection as soon as possible and file your findings with the developer – the longer you take to file the defect report, the longer you would have to wait, as developers tend to have a hard time handling the large number of units that require defect rectification works. Then you may shop for renovation contractors while waiting for defects to be rectified – which typically takes between 4-8 weeks.

    4. What is defect inspection for new properties?

    Generally for newly completed residential properties, developers provide a 24-months Defect Liability Period where the developer would commit to make good of defects found in the unit due to workmanship or material quality issues during construction.
    It is important that the property owner identifies these defects, as much as possible, before they start renovation work for the property. Disputes may arise once renovation work has started as the cause of defect could also be due to the renovation work. And worse still, if the defects are only identified after your tenant has moved in! The tenant wouldn’t be happy if they have to endure the noise and mess caused by the rectification work (imagine tiles cutting and repair work!).

    5. What is the scope of inspection service?

    We help you to conduct a thorough defect inspection for your new property – our focus is to identify major defects such as:
    (a)    hollow and cracked/chipped tiles (both floor and wall)
    (b)    scratches on wooden flooring, damages on doors and windows
    (c)    leakages at windows walls and ceilings
    (d)    functionality of power points (electricity must be available)
    (e)    water ponding at bathrooms and balcony

    6. Can I assign you to partially furnish my property?

    Of course you can! We will consult you the best way forward based on your property type and target tenant profile – certain property types (such as landed properties) may achieve the best renovation ROI by doing partial furnish as the target tenants are typically families and they would prefer to bring their own furniture.
    We also understand that sometimes you might wish to reserve your savings for other purposes rather than dumping it all on this property’s renovation – our role is to support you with the plan that fits your current life and financial situations the best.

    7. How long will it take for my property to be rented?

    (a)    Timing - hot seasons for job commencements and school enrolment
    (b)    Competition - this is why we would recommend full furnishing whenever possible, as the number of units available for rent in this category is normally lesser
    (c)    Your requirements – asking rental, whether you’re particular with certain type of tenants
    Generally our clients’ units get tenanted within 3-4 weeks – when the units are marketed at fair market rental.

    8. What is your rental collection procedure like?

    We will not be collecting rental on your behalf – but we will be supporting you on close monitoring of rental collection. Every month our team will engage with you to verify if you have received the rental payment, and we assist you to prepare all relevant documentations such as invoices and receipts.

    9. Why do I need a property manager?

    Most of us started investing in properties to build passive income stream – at the same time many of us are tied up with our full time job or running our own businesses. Managing properties does require a lot of time, effort and discipline – and as your property portfolio grows larger, you may find yourself struggling to keep up with the details.
    This is where Property Butler can support you – our team is committed to support you in your property investment journey. We help you to remain diligent in rental collection, perform timely payment for all bills to avoid problems, respond to tenant’s requests for help on your behalf – so that you can enjoy more and worry less.

    10. What are property management services?

    Our Rental Assistance Program covers the following services:
    (a)    Monitoring of rental collection
    (b)    Bill payments
    (c)    Quarterly statement of accounts
    (d)    Handling tenants’ requests


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